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Flavour Profiles

Standard Vapes

A ripe blueberry forward note with a mixture of sweet, ripe mixed dark berries on the inhale and a blast of icy menthol on the exhale. Modern Alchemy™ has created Cloud9's version of a classic taste.

Watermelon Breeze

A lovely balanced flavour, with the taste of sweet ripe watermelon on the inhale, and a cool icy blast on the exhale. Thanks to Modern Alchemy™ you won't experience a chemical, artificial watermelon taste.

Raspberry Ripple

Treat yourself to a sweet hit of creamy vanilla ice cream topped with the luxurious taste of sweet raspberry syrup. Authentic fruit flavour brought to you through Modern Alchemy™.

 Berries & Cream 

A new formulation of the Dr Red flavour. Our Modern Alchemy™ technology is in full effect for a natural sweet-tart forest strawberry taste blended with soft notes of sweet cream.

 Banana Puddin' 

Indulge in the creamy sweetness of an authentic homemade banana pudding and vanilla cookies with every puff of this delectable vape flavor.

CBD Vapes

 Orange Creamsicle CBD

Experience the nostalgic taste of a classic Orange Creamsicle with our original CBD vape juice. Smooth and creamy, this flavor is sure to satisfy.

NEW!  The Vape Escape CBD

Modern Alchemy™ brings you a new CBD option. The Vape Escape; A high potency CBD vape for stress relief. Indulge in a luscious symphony of creamy vanilla custard notes that's both rich and irresistible.

The Paleto Free Clinic (PFC) X Cloud9 collaboration.

NEW!  Wicked Green Apple CBD

A hauntingly delicious collaboration with a sour curse. A vape for your inner villain. Savor the tangy burst of sour green apple, a crisp vape symphony that's both refreshing and exhilarating.

Something Wicked X Cloud 9 collaboration.

NEW!  Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow CBD

Indulge in rich cocoa clouds with marshmallow whispers - our hot cocoa vape is a sweet escape for your senses! Experience the seasonal allure of velvety chocolate fudge, complemented by a decadent toasted marshmallow finish



~ Get these while they last! ~

Dr. Red (Limited and Final Stock)

A delicious blend of fresh sweet strawberries mixed with sweet cream, this flavour is not harsh on the throat; on the inhale, you will taste the strawberry and on the exhale, a mixture of the cream with the strawberry.

Sally’s Citrus Surf (Limited and Final Stock)

A sweet-tasting mixture of citrus keeps you refreshed on a hot day. On the inhale, you'll be met with a blast of orange, almost like you're having a CapriSally, and on the exhale, you'll find light tones of lemon, lime and grapefruit.

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